Congratulations on your Engagement!

Before I start talking about myself I want to congratulate you on your recent engagement!  This is such an exciting and special time in your life. I would be honored to be part of it!


I met my beautiful Wife while we were still in high school. I was a scrawny little kid and I have no idea what she saw in me but I am glad she saw something!  We now have three kids and have been married for almost 24 years. Yes, that picture on the left is me just a few years out of school. I worked for the Washington State Legislator as a camera operator at the time. I have always had a camera in my hand it seems like.


25 Years Later

Fast forward almost 25 years later from the time I got my first paid camera gig, and I still have a camera in my hands!  I still do some corporate work but my primary focus is creating wedding films. I love everything about it and I hope this shows in the films I create.


I live in Olympia, Washington but I love to travel to new wedding destinations and fantastic venues. I have been known to do a few backyard weddings too! The only real requirement is that the couple loves each other will all of their heart and they want to capture a great wedding love story on film.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon do I need to book you before the wedding? - The short answer is: As soon as you can! Just like wedding venues and photographers, we have our seasons. Some dates book up faster than others. It is best to put a deposit down to reserve your date as far in advance as you can.

Do I get you? Or is another person going to show up? - I will be there! Not only will I be there, but I want to be there! I love what I do so I can't wait for your wedding day! There are times when I may bring another camera operator with me but I am always the main shooter.

How much is the investment? - We have three popular packages. They range from $1800 and go up to $3,000 for a longer highlight film, edited ceremony, and lots of additional extras! We have options available that you can add on during the booking process and some are available for purchase after the wedding. We only require 25% down and you have your own client portal where you can make payments. For more detailed pricing and package information please inquire.

Will my video look just like the ones on your site? - Yes and No. Although I definitely have my own style, some couples request specific things and I am happy to do what I can to meet those requests. Some people want a romantic feel to the video, while others want it fast paced and fun. Please keep in mind that the scenery at a venue, the weather, the dancing fever some guests will have, the quality of the toasts, etc. all determine how a video might turn out. 

Do I need a video if I have a photographer? - We love working with great photographers. We always suggest that you have a photographer at your wedding. With that being said, photography and video are very different from each other and neither one is a replacement for the other. You can't hang a video on the wall of your house for everyone to see. A great photographer can take you back to those special moments and photos can be keepsakes that are as good as gold. The problem with a photo though is that you can't remember all the moments, sights, sounds, and amazing toasts. Sometimes a wedding video is a time capsule holding the voices and smiles of loved ones no longer with us. According to the Huffington Post, not having a video of their wedding is a regret that 98% of Brides have. Don't believe me? Just do a search on Google for "Biggest Wedding Regrets" you will find article after article discussing this. If you need a photographer I do have a few I can recommend, and in case you are wondering I work really great with photographers and other vendors.

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