Wedding Filmmaker, believer of true love, star wars nerd, photo bomber, husband, father, fur baby dad.

When I wake up that morning and know that I get to be part of your wedding day it's truly AWESOME! It's really fulfilling to know that the wedding video I create will be a timeless treasure that you and your family will watch over and over again!

I have been told by those that have hired me that it was the best money they spent on the wedding day. When I get text messages of appreciation, tears of joy, and friendships that last a could I have a better job? OK, but now you may want to know a little about the person that will spend your wedding day with you...Well...

First, don't let the photos fool ya! I am very serious when it comes to creating an amazing wedding film for you but life should be fun, full of happiness and love! I am a father of three and the ultimate dog lover! I have been married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart. I don't know what she saw in me, but I sure am glad her eyesight was bad :) Maybe she loves my sense of humor? I love to tell "Dad Jokes", wait in line to see Macklemore (even with a sleeping child on my shoulder), stop by roadsides in the middle of nowhere to take random pictures with my family, and traveling to create new adventures.

Yep! I am also the guy that stops to take photos with actors from shows like Gold Rush (look at my daughter completely amazed by that beard!). On my birthday, I decide to visit the headquarters of Lucasfilm (Star was nerdiness is pumping through my veins). Above all of this though, I am still the guy that has to stop at a romantic spot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to kiss my beautiful wife. She was laughing the entire time of course, but hey I will take what I can get :)

 OK, I have told you enough about me. Let's talk about you...

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Olympia, Washington  |  Tel: 360-485-0123

We call the Pacific Northwest home but we love to travel. We frequently create wedding videos in Seattle, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Olympia, Chehalis, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, and pretty much anywhere. We even hop on a plane or boat! 

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