• Ryan Hanscom

Why this is the BEST wedding investment you can make!

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Venue, dress, flowers, cake, photographer, DJ, wedding I forgetting something? Unfortunately, the answer is yes! You are forgetting about one of the best wedding investments you can make.

You put so much time, effort, and let's face it...MONEY, into your wedding day. Every Bride has a list in their head about the items that are most important to them. Unfortunately, one of the best investments you can make for your wedding day is often overlooked. After all of the time you have spent picking out the perfect dress, the amazing cake, the spectacular wedding venue there are only two ways to capture these memories forever:

1. Photography - This has become a staple at every wedding. A good photographer will capture the day, the emotions, the venue, cake, flowers, etc. so that you always have these memories. A photographer is a great investment and I would not recommend having your wedding day without one.

2. Video / Wedding Film - In the last decade the perception about wedding films has changed greatly. A wedding video was the last thing that a Bride budgeted for, therefore this led to very inexpensive, inexperienced video "professionals" creating the wedding film. This created a less than stellar product and gave the wedding film industry a bad name. This has changed and people are now realizing that a wedding film could be one of the best investments they could make.

As I explain why having a wedding film is so important, please keep in mind I am in no way saying you should not have a photographer. I am just comparing the differences between the two so that you know why you should have both.

I love producing wedding films in Olympia. It can be a challenge though because many couples think that if you have a photographer you don't need a video. A great photographer can capture amazing emotion in a photo. They have a way of looking at the whole picture. They see the lighting around them, the atmosphere, the landscape and can tell your wedding story with these elements. What a photo won't do though is capture the great toast that Bridesmaid gave. Photos don't capture the wedding vows. They don't capture that 5 seconds of time that almost stands still when the Bride's father sees her for the first time. They can give you a snapshot of the moment when Grandma dances to a song from the 80's but they don't get the entire moment.

I tell people this: photography is there to capture the special moments, video is there to tell your story and celebrate love. How many times will you have so many friends and family in one room at the same time laughing, crying, dancing? Even aside from your wedding day if this was any other day filled with your loved ones having a great time, you would want to capture this day on video. I started in video production almost 25 years ago and I still have brides watching the wedding videos I created for them.

Even after all of this, do you know why I think a wedding film is the best investment you can make? Because Bride and Grooms have told me so. Moms and Dads have created a tradition of watching the video every year. Grandma and Grandpa show all of their neighbors and friends the wedding film. Most of all, I see the reaction of the couple when they watch the film and it makes it all worth it!

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