• Ryan Hanscom

Why we love creating wedding films in the Olympia area...

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

There are certainly a whole lot of places you could go to create a wedding film. Yes, we are a little biased because we call Olympia home but we think that creating a wedding film in Olympia is absolutely magical. Here is why:

Destination weddings are beautiful, fun, and just all around awesome! When you live in Olympia, WA though you don't have to go far to have an amazing wedding location. The great thing about the Olympia area is the variety of venues, parks, hiking trails, and scenic backdrops that compliment a wedding. All of this makes shooting a wedding film so much fun and creates an amazing video. I have had the pleasure of shooting weddings at places like Country N Lace in Toledo, WA where you can have beautiful outdoor celebrations, a stunning barn ceremony, or a combination of the trees, amazing sunsets and the perfect mix of whimsical and classy decorations. The lighting inside the barn is magical. Oh, and working with Michelle there is a great experience! She goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is very special.

I just did a tour yesterday of a wedding venue that is taking place in June of this year at the Indian Summer Golf and Country Club. It is very elegant and beautiful. There are so many different backdrops that will lend itself really well to a great wedding film. Can you just imagine the aerial footage over the golf course? The wetlands in the background, teased by the golf greens make a classy setting. I had the pleasure of meeting with Windy Brazel and she gave me the tour, pointing out where some of the best shots are and answering all of my 101 questions.

What also makes a wedding film in Olympia so special is the ability to tell a great love story. So many couples have hobbies they enjoy together, a special place they frequent, or that unique proposal location that can be included into the wedding film. These things are part of your love story so why not tell it? Just a few hours in any direction from Olympia gives you so many choices for your wedding. Would you like to have that great country wedding? You got it! Would you like to have sailboats behind you painting the background with colors? You got it! You can even have a mountain top wedding! As a wedding filmmaker I consider myself lucky to capture love stories but I really got lucky that I chose Olympia as my home. I am looking forward being a part of your love story. Let us capture your special day in a special way!

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